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Who is 7 Day Walk?

Well for a bit the front page is for the release of Cylore: Rise of a Hero.  For this comic you get to meet me Marc Scott.  In this adventure you'll see my touches everywhere my jobs on this comic are: Story, Inks, and Letters.  I have had a story for Cylore for over 22 years during the pandemic I decided to pair down what was a large graphic novel to a single issue.  So did all my ideas and hopes and dreams come out on the pages Cylore: Rise of a Hero? No, there are many story bits left to explore.  However, this story you do get to meet many of the characters that have lived in my head for decades.  I missed reading stories where a hero would save the day with a smile on their face, where the common person would look in awe of a hero.  When and if we get to another issue we will flip to what about those who would fear a force for good in the world.  

When you get to see the inks you'll see many of the familiar points that you've seen from me over the years.  It was so much fun to see this story come to life!  Lastly as we were approaching the end of the crowdfunding I saw we were making enough to print and ship a comic but not to be able to get it colored or lettered.  So I took to learning a new skill and lettered the comic.  A shout out to ComicCraft and their YouTube tutorials for lettering on Procreate!  Could not have done this without their help! So a fun little note is that nearly the entire comic has been done from Pencils, Inks, and Letters were all done in Procreate on iPad.

So let me introduce you to Heubert Khan Michael of course you know his work from Vampirella, i.T., The Owl, Cyber Force and many other titles.  Marc has known Heubert for well over a decade and have collaborated on many pieces in the past.  Before the pandemic began Heubert was commissioned to do a drawing of Cylore and Brutaius that became the cover and Marc quickly knew now would be the time to bring Cylore to life!  Heubert was an amazing choice as penciller and again a great person to collaborate with!  If you need someone to bring a project to life I highly recommend Heubert!

In memory - Anthony D Lee - Cover Colors Issue 1

Anthony has worked for many years as a professional colorist, with credits at Image, IDW, Devil’s Due, and a host of others.


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Cover art for Cylore: Rise of a Hero.  Pencils - Heubert Khan Michael, Inks - Marc Scott Cover Colors - Anthony D Lee.  Digital Version of the comic will be available shortly after the backers have gotten their copies in hand.

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